First visit ?

Here is everything you need to know before your first visit to Bfit:

What is Bfit?

Bfit development is a complete fitness program accessible to everyone that includes several types of training (exercises with choreography, circuit training, HIIT (high intensity intervals), bodybuilding, etc.) of 60 minutes per session. If you deceide to sign up to one of our challenges we will also includes a nutrition plan and an off-session training plan to do at the gym or at home.

What to bring?

Don't forget to bring sports attire such as: shorts or leggings and a tank top or t-shirt. It is also recommended to bring a training towel and a padlock if you plan to use the locker rooms; training mats are optional.

Stay hydrated!

It is important to stay hydrated for the Bfit class. We have fountains available on site - bring a bottle to fill or get a bottle at the administration.


A daycare service is available for the duration of the training. You can therefore train with complete peace of mind, leaving your children in the hands of our qualified professionals.

Have fun !!!

Bfit is a place where you will have fun while getting in shape.